High Speed Two is the UK's new railway project, connecting London to Birmingham, then to Manchester and Leeds, 

However, like most of the UK's rail projects, HS2 has gone over budget and will be ready years behind schedule, Phase One between London and Birmingham was due to open in 2026, but full-services are now forecast to start between 2031 and 2036. Furthermore, HS2 was allocated £56 billion, however a review led by former HS2 chairman Doug Oakervee estimated costs could reach up to £106 billion.

Surprisingly money is not the biggest controversy to do with HS2, the effect the project has on local communities, green spaces and the planet is immense. It is set to destroy or irreparably damage 108 ancient woodlands, 693 wildlife sites, 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, 5 Internationally important wildlife sites, protected by UK law, 2000 homes and businesses, and 19,500 permanent, proper jobs.

These photos showcase some of the efforts made by HS2 Rebellion to protest against HS2, most noticeably the underground tunnel secretly built by protesters outside Euston station, where protesters camped underground for weeks.